Seasonal Fruits and Vegetables

In our shop in Chiusanico (IM), you can not only find what you can see on the site! Come and visit us to discover, every day, the new fruits of our gardens!

Today we want to share with you the benefits of consuming seasonal and zero km fruit and vegetables, like the ones you can find on our shelves.

What are the benefits?

Eating seasonal fruit and vegetables means savoring the fresh and tasty products that nature offers us at any time of the year. These foods are grown according to natural rhythms, without the use of chemicals harmful to health and the environment.

Here are some of the main benefits:

Maximum nutritional value

Seasonal fruit and vegetables harvested at zero km are rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants essential for our well-being. With a unique and intense flavour, these products contain an optimal concentration of nutrients thanks to their freshness and harvesting at the right time.

Reduction of environmental impact

By choosing fruit and vegetables at zero km, the distance between the producer and the consumer is reduced, limiting fuel consumption for transport and greenhouse gas emissions. Furthermore, zero km agriculture favors biodiversity and the maintenance of local traditions.

Support to the local economy

By purchasing zero-km seasonal fruit and vegetables, you directly support local farmers and the area's economy. This helps to preserve agricultural communities and keep alive the traditions and knowledge associated with the cultivation of typical local products.

Here's our fruits and vegetables!

Here are some examples of fruit and vegetables that you can taste with us at "Costa dei Campi", following the zero km philosophy:

These are just a few examples, but every season gives us a wide variety of fresh and delicious products, ready to enrich our tables and improve our health. Apples and pears, for example, are rich in fiber and vitamins, while cherries are a source of antioxidants. Strawberries offer a powerhouse of vitamin C, while peaches are sweet and juicy, perfect for summer.

Tomatoes and courgettes are the protagonists of summer cuisine, ideal for salads and light dishes. Cucumbers and carrots are fresh and crunchy, perfect for healthy snacks and colorful side dishes. Arugula adds a touch of extra flavor to salads.

Therefore, choosing seasonal fruit and vegetables at zero km means enjoying high quality products, rich in authentic flavors and beneficial properties for our body.

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In our company, we are committed to cultivating and offering only zero km seasonal fruit and vegetables, guaranteeing freshness, quality and sustainability. Our typical products such as avocados, chillies, pumpkins, lemons, salad, grapes, figs, prickly pears, aromatic herbs and Taggiasca olives are grown with care and respect for the environment, directly in our gardens in Chiusanico, in Liguria, Italy.

We invite you to discover the pleasure of enjoying seasonal fruit and vegetables at zero km, savoring the genuine flavors of the area and contributing to a healthier future for us and for the environment.

We at "Costa di Campi" are waiting for you in our shop in Chiusanico (IMPERIA), to discover the variety and freshness of our seasonal products at zero km. Eating well, supporting local agriculture and enjoying all the benefits that nature offers us is the right choice for a healthier and more sustainable life.

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