Acacia Honey

Miele di Acacia - Acacia Honey
Miele di Acacia - Acacia Honey
Miele di Acacia - Acacia Honey
Its flowery scent and delicate flavor make acacia honey perfect for all cold preparations.
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Glass Jar 500gr
bio organic hand craft vegetarian friendly made in italy


Acacia honey, also known as black locust honey, is a straw-colored honey that has the characteristic of hardly ever crystallizing and therefore always remains liquid and syrupy.

It is a natural energizer, very digestible and naturally gluten-free.

It is also a natural remedy for sore throats, as well as having a laxative action and a detoxifying effect for the liver.

Available in the classic 500gr glass jar.


Valle Varaita (CN)

Produced and packaged in Valle Varaita (CN) for "Costa dei Campi"

Our Tips

Its delicate taste does not excessively alter the taste and aroma of the products; on the contrary, it exhales its main characteristics. Try it on homemade bread (or on rusks, crackers, muffins ...) or in combination with mature or soft cheeses (try it on gorgonzola!)

The Label

Store in a cool, dry place away from light.

Ingredients: Organic Acacia Honey

Average Nutritional Values per 100gr of product

Energy Value1314 KJ / 314 kcal
Fat0 g
-- Saturated Fat0 g
Carbohydrates78 g
-- Sugars78 g
Protein0.4 g
Salt0 g

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