Spicy EVO Oil

Olio Evo Piccante - Spicy EVO Oil
Olio Evo Piccante - Spicy EVO Oil
Olio Evo Piccante - Spicy EVO Oil
Our Extra Virgin Olive Oil with chili peppers in a 250ml glass bottle.
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Glass Bottle 250ml
bio organic hand craft vegetarian friendly made in italy

"Aromi" Collection

Chili Peppers - The Spicy

Our peppers are grown biodynamically, harvested and then naturally dried in the sun. They are then seasoned with garlic and salt and added to our EVO oil.

Incredible aroma and flavor, tasty, savory and spicy at the right point. In addition to being good, it also helps improve circulation, is an excellent anti-inflammatory and facilitates the digestive process.


Chiusanico (IM)

Our Tips

The spiciness of the chili pepper enhances the flavor of legume soups, pasta dishes, grilled meat or “alla cacciatora”. If you want to be daring, try using it on fish soups and pizza as well.

The Label

Ingredients: EVO oil from 100% organic Taggiasca olives, organic chili peppers, garlic, salt

Average Nutritional Values for 100ml of product

Energy Value KJ / kcal
-- Saturated Fatg
-- Sugarsg

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