Cherry Compote

Composta di Ciliegie - Cherry Compote
The early summer compote with an authentic and genuine taste that smells of childhood memories.
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Glass Jar 320gr
bio organic hand craft vegetarian friendly made in italy


Cherries, like figs, hhave the power to evoke warm and summer childhood memories: tree climbing, cherries behind the ear, binges of those sweet red fruits astride the branches ... and ours compote has just that flavor! Thetrue flavor of sun-ripened cherries (not the artificial one that is now everywhere and does not taste of cherry).

Cherries are also good for your health! They lower blood pressure levels, lower bad cholesterol and increase the elasticity of blood vessels.

Available in a glass jar of 320gr


Borgomaro (IM)

Our Tips

Our cherry compote is not just perfect for breakfast with bread and butter! You could make a whole menu with it! Try it on bruschetta with raw ham and sheep's milk ricotta. As a first course, you can mix a risotto with our compote and some robiola (if you prefer pasta, throw some fusilli, a little ricotta and a sauce made with our compote). Do you know that cherries also go well with main courses? Cod accompanied by a cherry sauce is a simple and original dish, perfect for a fresh summer dinner. If you are a meat type, try a spoonful of our compote on the fillet, along with scallions and a good red wine. Do you want to combine cherries with cheeses? It looks great on sheep and goat cheeses ... especially with fresh caprini! As a dessert we offer you the classic cheesecake ... but it is also perfect on pies!

The Label

Store in a cool, dry place away from light. After opening, store in the refrigerator at 0-4 degrees.

Ingredients: Cherry juice and pulp with peel from "Costa dei Campi" farm 80%, Sugar, Pectin.

Average Nutritional Values per 100gr of product

Energy Value784 KJ / 84 kcal
Fat0 g
-- Saturated Fat0 g
Carbohydrates44 g
-- Sugars44 g
Protein0.5 g
Salt0 g

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